“Aadhar Education Society will be a nationally recognized leader in medicine, delivering, patient – centered and technologically advanced medical education, transformative research, and exceptional clinical and preventive care, leading to healthier communities”.


” To impart Value based Quality Education in emerging disciplines with the aim of producing world class professionals with broad based foundation, in depth knowledge and versatile personality to meet the challenge of Global Economy, sustaining their ethical and moral values”.


  • Collegiality : Reflected in collaboration, partnership, sense of community and team work.
  • Compassion : Reflected caring, empathy,and social responsibility.
  • Excellence : Reflected in distinction, effectiveness, efficiency, passion, quality, and impact.
  • Inclusivity : Reflected in diversity, equality, fairness, impartiality, andrespect.
  • Innovation : Reflected in creativity, originality, discovery, exploration, and experimentation.
  • Integrity : Reflected in accountability, ethical behavior, honesty, and reliability.
  • Leadership : Reflected in courage, honor, professionalism, transparency, and vision.
  • Loyalty : Reflected in mutualityof commitment between employee and institution.